My Role: Creative, direction, cinematography, editing and post
Depression is a very heavy battle that many of us experience. This film is co-dedicated to James Hacker and Vanessa Berjat. I can only speak on behalf of my dear friend James Hacker who was part of our little Pacific Beach skate crew. He left us when he was only fifteen years old. Though it's been decades later he's still in my thoughts and I wonder if he received the help he needed, would he would still be around?   
James was like a Johnny Knoxville type, always trying to do some crazy antic to make you laugh. He was so damn funny and handsome. All the girls at school loved him as did us, all his friends. As teenagers ourselves back then, we said he experienced an entire lifetime because he lived so over-the-top. However, now as an adult, I realize his life was over before it really even began and I always wonder what he would have become? Who would he have married? How many kids would he have had? Where would he be living? What would be his career? 
I really wish I kept in touch with his mother, but she moved away to Alaska and I was just a kid. I would love to tell her that I still think of James often, I miss his huge hilarious smile and mostly... That he is not forgotten.
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