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KIT: RED GEMINI & KOMODO, SIGMA CINE PRIMES, 1980'S CANON FD & CANON L ZOOMS. Please Email for full camera + grip & electric list
Hello, I’m Gene Sung a Los Angeles based Cinematographer and Director. Aside from watching and studying a massive amount of TV and films, my two biggest artistic inspirations are skateboarding and music.
I started skating around 13 years old and before that i had terrible kid taste, like I thought Bon Jovi was the greatest rock band ever. I didn't even know what Led Zeppelin was!!!! Skate culture introduced me to everything that’s fantastic in my life - video, graphic design, illustration and great music. I remember asking my little skater friend John Phillips if he liked Bon Jovi and he said: “I don’t listen to that crap, I listen to Punk.” His words changed my entire trajectory and my music world exploded wide open.
Strangely, music has the biggest impact on my filming and visual style, as I watched a truly insane amount of MTV growing up. Every time I hear a good song, I see images. On stuff I get to personally direct and DP, the general style is lush, dense and pretty pictures. I’m always thinking what images my music heroes like Joy Division, New Order, Bauhaus, The Sex Pistols, NWA, Tupac, Wu Tang Clan, The Knife and Karen O would want for their music? I'd love to someday film in the rainy British countryside, like a romantic, dreary and never ending video for The Smiths. I'm a huge Johnny Marr fan as well.
And now for the generic stuff, aside from filming I’ve worked many aspects of pre and post production from concepts, boards, editing, motion graphics and coloring. Production wise, I’ve done everything from director, DP, AC, gaffer and grip; so I have a solid understand of the production pipeline from start to end.
Thanks to a lifetime love of skateboarding and surfing, I’m a bit of a travel nut and have been to 44 countries and counting.
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